In many cases, it is easy to see that dental implants are the best way to go. But how do you find the perfect dental implants dentist for you? If you’ve decided that dental implants will give you the realistic smile of your dreams, but need help choosing an implant dentist, here are a few of the factors you may want to consider:

Qualified and Trusted Hands

Dr. Wurtzel takes a special interest in implant dentistry and has received additional training to become a qualified dental implants dentist. Dr. Wurtzel has his own general and family practice, so he can offer you countless services ranging from cosmetic to restorative dentistry. You can trust him with everything your teeth and gums need, including dental implants. Dr. Wurtzel loves to get to know his patients and treat them with the patient’s unique needs and goals in mind.

All in the Same Office

Most general and cosmetic dentists are qualified only to restore dental implants, so they send their patients away to new dental implant dentists in distant offices. Dr. Wurtzel is qualified to perform both the surgery and the restoration of your dental implants. It is important for you to stick with a implant dentist that knows you, your goals, and your teeth. Continuity of care is more efficient, and staying in the same office is more convenient.

How to choose an implant dentist
Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

For many patients, the implants surgery can be a little nerve-wracking. Your implant dentist should make you feel comfortable and safe throughout the procedure. Does your dental implants dentist provide relaxing sedation dentistry options? Dr. Wurtzel offers his patients sedation options so that they can create their own soothing dental implants experience.

We are excited to discuss with you your expectations for your new smile and your implant dentist. Call us today to schedule your consultation with a qualified and caring dental implants dentist.

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